Barclay Manor

In 1890, the property was owned by Sir Donald Smith and Richard Angus. Later that year, Lucy A. Tetley, wife of Charles Tetley, bought the property and became the block’s first residents. The Tetleys built an original green and white house on the lot and lived there until 1902, when they sold the house to Edgar Bayliss.

BM_smallerNext, Bayliss sold the house to Francis and Emily Baynes in 1903, when it was torn down and rebuilt in 1905. Francis Baynes was the manager of the Dominion Hotel in Gastown, which was owned by his wife’s family, the Sherdahls.

In 1909, Francis Baynes added a large three-storey hotel type addition to the rear of the house at the cost of approximately $10,000. Miss Clermont’s West End Hospital rented the three-storey hotel. The hospital ceased operation in 1919 and building was now used as a catholic working girls’ residence called “Rosary Hall-Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace”.

The Tetleys built an original green and white smaller house on this lot in 1890 and lived there until selling it to Edgar Bayliss in 1902 for $3,500. Bayliss in turn sold the property and house to Francis and Emily Baynes in 1903. The Baynes family lived in the smaller home until it was torn down and his house was built in 1905.

In 1926, the property became a boarding house called Barclay Manor. It served as a place for officers from naval ships to use when in port and helped thousands of young individuals seek their way in the world over the years. At that time, the rent included two meals a day with maid service from $23 a week shared, to $30 a week for a single room.

In 1970, Barclay Manor was no longer a boarding house. The property was purchased by the City of Vancouver.

The 1909 three storey addition was demolished in 1988 and the rear of the house was reconstructed to a design appropriate to Edwardian times. The remainder of the house was faithfully restored to its pre-1909 condition.

Did you know you can rent rooms at Barclay Manor for meetings and private events? Contact the West End Community Center to find out more.