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Tax Clinic

We’re here to help you navigate taxes with ease.


Tax Clinic

Get expert assistance at our yearly Tax Clinic, exclusively for seniors! Our dedicated volunteers are ready to help you with your tax queries and ensure you get the most out of your returns. Please note, the clinic is closed for 2024 and will be available again in the 2025 tax season.

    Tax Clinic Terms & conditions
    • Drop-in only, no appointments
    • Only individuals that make $35,000/year or less or senior-led households that make $45,000 or less can use this service
    • Must have a simple tax situation, Income can include : employment, pension, support payments; RRSPs, scholarships, fellowships, bursaries, grants; CPP, disability/employment insurance, social assistance, and Interest under $1,000.
    • We cannot work with anyone who is self-employed or has any international income sources (outside CAN and USA).
    • Participants must be able to access their Notice of Assessment Tax return summary, their tax slips (for example T4, T5) and any relevant income tax slips and receipts.

    Navigating taxes can be a daunting task, at WESN, we understand the importance of ensuring seniors receive the support and assistance they need to manage their taxes effectively. That’s why we’re proud to offer specialized a tax clinic tailored specifically for older adults

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