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Peer Support

This service is for older adults experiencing difficulty coping with life stressors

Peer Support


This service is for older adults experiencing difficulty coping with life stressors (e.g., retirement, health changes, isolation, loss, etc.). Older adult volunteers are well-trained to support your concerns.

    what we do
    • Offer confidential emotional support to older adults.
    • Help navigate issues like isolation, loneliness, retirement transitions, grief, and cognitive decline.
    • Equip volunteers with skills for empathetic listening and setting boundaries.
    • Provide access to community resources to improve clients’ quality of life.
    • Supervise volunteers closely to maintain the highest ethical standards.
    what we don't do
    • Provide professional counseling or healthcare services
    • Offer services like household cleaning or medication assistance.
    • Address severe mental health issues with our non-professional volunteer team. For such conditions, professional care is recommended.
    Eligibility and Process
    • Participation in our program begins either by expressing interest or being referred by a healthcare provider or institution. Prospective clients undergo an interview with our Program Coordinator, Miguel Méndez, to assess their needs and eligibility. Once approved, clients are matched with a trained volunteer. Each pair meets for ten one-hour sessions held in private offices at Denman Mall, Kay´s Place, ensuring confidentiality and comfort
    Client and Volunteer Validation
    • We take the validation of both client needs and volunteer capabilities seriously to ensure that every match is beneficial. This helps guarantee the effectiveness and safety of our interactions.
    Join Us
    • Whether you are seeking support or interested in volunteering, the Peer Support Program welcomes you. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of older adults. For more information or to start the process, please contact us.

    Apply Now:

    We are currently taking any new Peer Support clients, and you are welcome to apply.

    People can email Miguel Mendez at [email protected] to apply for the program or with any questions. People can also apply in-person at Kay’s Place or Barclay Manor, or over the phone by calling either location.

    Funded By:

    This service is funded by Vancouver Coastal Health and is recognized as a “Good Practice for Improving Seniors Mental Health in Canada” by the Mental Health Commission of Canada.