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Our Locations

Barclay Manor | Kay’s Place | Clothes and Collectibles Thrift Boutique

The West End Seniors’ Network operates from three different locations. In Denman Place Mall we run a thrift boutique, Clothes and Collectibles, and an Information and Referral centre, Kay’s Place. WESN’s main offices are located in Barclay Manor, a space dedicated by the City of Vancouver for older adults, where we work co-operatively with the West End Community Center Association to provide a variety of programs and activities.

Barclay Manor

Barclay Manor is the hub for our onsite programming, events, and community services.


Kay's Place

Kay’s Place offers information and referral services, housing navigation, peer support, and financial support through Jane’s Fund.


Clothes & Collectibles Thrift Boutique

We are the friendly thrift boutique of the West End Seniors’ Network, located at the Denman Mall. We offer quality used adult clothing, shoes, and accessories at reasonable prices.


Support Us

By contributing to our cause, you’re enabling us to provide essential resources and support systems that enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our members. Your generosity will help combat loneliness and isolation,and foster a sense of belonging and purpose.

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