Mauro – Immigration and Resettlement – Stories of Success

This video highlights Mauro, who immigrated to Canada in his 40s and found that his diplomas were not valid here, outlining his difficulties in immersing into a new culture.

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More Information about Stories of Success

Stories of Success is funded by the Government of Canada and the Baptist Church. The series of videos was directed by Spencer Isaac of Stillwater Creations.

Stories of Success covers a number of topics. These include depression, mental illness, lung surgery, hip replacements, alcohol addiction, as well as many other challenges. These inspiring people overcame their challenges and are stronger as a result.

We hope that by sharing these videos, you also feel empowered to share your story or seek help.

About West End Seniors’ Network 

The West End Seniors’ Network is a hub for seniors. Located in West End Vancouver for 30 years, we aim to improve the quality of life for 55+ adults. Whether it is social, educational, or recreational programs, it fosters connection and inclusion within the community. WESN wishes to recognise the funding contribution of the Ministry of Employment and Social Development, New Horizons for Seniors Program.

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