Kay’s Place

Kay’s Place volunteers provide a friendly welcome and information about various federal, provincial and other community programs and services available to older adults. Volunteers can also assist with filling out application forms, finding resources and directing clients to the most appropriate service providers.

In addition to Information and Referral, Kay’s Place offers a small dedicated space to enjoy a cup of coffee, a daily newspaper, and conversation.  All older adults are welcome!

Information and Referral

The information and referral process helps match people with services. The volunteers act as intermediaries, matching the person with the necessary combination of human services that will address the individual’s needs. We provide information and referral to public, private and not-for-profit service providers. We do not exclusively endorse any service provider and rely on member and client referrals in sourcing service providers.

Kay’s Place volunteers make every effort to ensure confidentiality. We also have a second office which volunteers can use to meet with clients in private. Please don’t hesitate to ask to speak in private!

For more information on our services, please contact Kay’s Place at 604-669-7339 or kaysplaceinfo@wesn.ca

Watch a short video about what we do!