WESN at Work

Please see below for some of the media coverage and reports in which our organization has been involved as part of achieving our mission.

St. Paul’s Hospital

CBC Radio – On The Coast (13-Apr-2015): Starting at 58:32 minutes

Vancouver City Council – Standing Committee on Planning, Transportation and Environment (29-Apr-2015): Agenda item 6, starting at 14:14 minutes

Vancouver City Council – Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities (20-Jan-2016): Agenda item 4, starting at 1:39:46 

Media coverage of St. Paul’s Hospital Town Hall meeting (26-May-2015)

CTV – Hospital relocation upsets seniors

CBC – St. Paul’s Hospital relocation upsets West End seniors

West End Stakeholder Meetings

Minutes (07-Dec-2016)

Handout (07-Dec-2016)


Metro – Vancouver to consider 350% parking cost increase in West End (06-Feb-2017)

News 1130 – Uber could be beneficial for seniors (27-Sep-2016)

Letter to City of Vancouver re. closure of 800 block of Robson Street (13-Sep-2012)


CBC – Vancouver council candidates square off in housing and homelessness forum (05-Oct-2017)

Vancouver Courier – Seniors giving up quality of life to pay rent (10-Aug-2017)

Vancouver City Council – Rezoning of 969 Burrard Street and 1019-1045 Nelson Street (18-Jul-2017): Agenda item 3, starting at 55:56 minutes

Westender – ‘No Fixed Address’ tackles Vancouver’s housing crisis (18-May-2017)

Metro – Documentary takes a deep dive into Vancouver’s housing crisis (12-May-2017)

Globe and Mail – Seniors: The ‘invisible’ renters in Vancouver’s housing boom (31-Mar-2017)

Georgia Straight – Protection for Low-Income Renters (17-Dec-2015)

Vancouver City Council – Standing Committee on Planning, Transportation and Environment (10-Dec-2015): Agenda item 4, video clip of part 2, starting at 4:40 minutes

WESN Housing Committee Report – A Preliminary Look at Issues Facing Senior Renters in the West End (Sep-2012)

Home Support Services

CKNW Radio – Aging Alone:

Final Report – West End Better at Home Community Consultation (Feb. 2013)

Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

Special Park Board Meeting – CCA-Joint Operating Agreement (09-Feb-2017): WESN presentation starts at 03:51:10


CTV (08-Dec-2016): Starting at 10:32

CBC Radio – Early Edition (04-Jan-2017): Starting at 02:31:22

107.7 Pulse FM (05-Jan-2017): Featuring Anthony Kupferschmidt

WESN in the News

APlaceforMom.com – West End Seniors’ Network: Seniors Helping Seniors (19-Feb-2015)

Clothes and Collectibles Thrift Store

Vancouver Courier – Urban Senior: Friendly thrift store offers rare finds (27-May-2014)

West Coast Reader – Volunteers help people (07-Aug-2013)


In Your Neighbourhood: West End (15-Sep-2017): Starting at 33:21 [Featuring lifetime member Evelyn Black]

B.C. cancer cases to rise 57 per cent by 2030, agency warns (26-May-2015)

Vancouver Sun

Troubling economic trends for Metro Vancouver seniors, according to new research (14-Mar-2013)

A comfortable, convenient single life (01-Jun-2013)

United Way shortfall cuts off funding to 31 seniors groups (06-Apr-2014)


What’s good for Vancouver seniors is good for us as a whole (25-Jul-2013)

Vancouver seniors staying connected at Barclay Manor (25-Jul-2013)